The Complete Guide to Home Care Packages: Level 4

Find out everything that's included in a Level 4 Home Care Package in this guide.

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Who Is the Level 4 Home Care Package for?

The Level 4 Home Care Package is the highest-level package available in Australia. 

It's designed to provide complex support to people with high-level care needs.

This level of care is available for older and younger individuals. Anyone who needs a significant amount of complex care to continue living in the comfort of their own homes can apply.

But what does a Level 4 Home Care Package include? These are some of the most common types of care:

  • Personal care and help with household chores
  • Complex nursing and clinical care (palliative care, wound management, medication reminders, etc.)
  • Specialist support (allied health services, social work, behavioural support, and other specialist services)
  • Advanced chronic health support for conditions (dementia, Parkinson's disease, advanced cardiovascular conditions, etc.)
  • Social support and transportation services
  • 24-hour care and constant monitoring
  • Residential aged care

Level 4 HCP is for those who want to continue living at home. This is a great alternative to moving to a nursing home. 

What Is the Difference Between Home Care Packages Level 1-4?

Home Care Package Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 differ when it comes to the type of care provided and the number of hours of care.

As opposed to other levels of Home Care Packages, Level 4 requires the highest level of aged care. It's intended for those who cannot complete everyday activities independently.

Home care providers offer different Level 4 Home Care Package hours. 

Haisey Home Care offers up to 782.14 hours of care per year for Level 4. This amounts to 30 hours a fortnight

Level 3 offers intermediate-level care needs, and Level 4 provides more complex care. 

Level 2 offers low-level care and Level 1 basic care, so they include even fewer hours of care.

Level 4 packages also receive higher government funding compared to other levels. The increased package funding allows for more extensive and intensive care services.

How to Apply for a Level 4 Home Care Package?

Now that you understand what is included in a Level 4 Home Care Package, let's talk about how you can apply.

Note that you can't apply for a specific level of home care. It's rather assigned to you based on your eligibility and health needs.

Here's how you can apply for a Home Care Package:

  1. Contact My Aged Care or go to the My Aged Care website.
  2. Get assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team.
  3. Undergo an income assessment and pay an income-tested care fee.
  4. Wait for someone to contact you after being put on a waiting list.
  5. Get assigned to a Home Care Package level.
  6. Choose a home care provider.
  7. Create a care plan with your chosen care worker.

While you wait for approval, you will be placed in the national priority system. It's based on your accessed priority for home care. 

In the meantime, you will receive support through a low-level package. You'll upgrade to Level 4 HCP as soon as it becomes available.

Are You Eligible for a Level 4 Home Care Package?

The eligibility criteria for a Level 4 Home Care Package are based on these two factors:

  1. High-level care needs
  2. Assessment results

It's important that you have high-level care needs. This can be because of complex health conditions or advanced age-related issues. You might also have functional limitations.

Because of your current condition, you need extensive support to live at home.

Eligibility for a Level 4 Home Care Package is also determined through an assessment. An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will be in charge of this formal assessment.

They will examine personal care needs and medical conditions. They also consider mobility limitations, cognitive functioning, and health status.

The Australian Government will also weigh your eligibility based on your income-tested fee. Note that those who live on a full pension aren't required to pay this fee.

Home Care Package Level 4 Funding

Home Care Packages are a government subsidy funded by the Australian Government. 

The maximum Home Care Package Level 4 amount is $59,593.55 a year, which is $2,285.78 per fortnight. This includes the government contribution and contributions made by you or your family.

Level 4 requires the highest level of care. That's why the government contribution is the highest of all Home Care Package funds. 

Keep in mind that your Home Care Package budget will go directly to your chosen provider. 

The budget is then allocated for approved services outlined in the care plan. This can include personal care, nursing care, allied health services, equipment, and modifications.

Choosing Your Home Care Package Level 4 Provider

When choosing a home care provider, these are some of the factors you should think about:

  • Can the home care provider give you the appropriate level of support you need?
  • Does the provider offer affordable care services?
  • Do they charge a basic daily fee and an exit fee?
  • Will the provided support allow you to remain living in the comfort of your own home?
  • Do they have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality in-home care services?
  • Do they offer services in your area?

More help delivered to you from your Level 4 Home Care Package.

Current annual government contribution for a Level 4 Home Care Package is $59593.55

Every fortnight, the Government contributes $2285.78

Level 4

Annual Hours of care

Fortnightly Hours of care

Basic Daily Fee

Exit Fee

Total Fee

Care Management Fee

Package Management Fee

Most providers


Haisey Home Care


Up to 528.3

hours of care per year

Up to 782.14

hours of care per year

Up to 20.26

hours of care per fortnight

Up to 30

hours of care per fortnight






flat rate


low flat rate


per year


per year


per year


per year

What is included in a Level 4 Home Care Package?

If the Aged Care Assessment Team decide your circumstances require High care needs, then you will be allocated Home Care Package Level 4.

The exact contribution from government subsidy for your Home Care Package funds will depend on the results of your income assessment. The maximum government funding in Level 4 is $59593.55/year (including the basic daily fee you need to pay towards the care services yourself).

Types of support your Level 4 Home Care Package fees can pay for include:



We'll make sure there is always someone ready to assist with everyday details and friendly conversation

Personal Care

Personal Care

Personal Care Services (PCS) is a Medicaid benefit that helps clients with everyday tasks.

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

We'll keep your home and clothes clean.

Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Heat and eat gourmet meals delivered to your door. We'll organise healthy, chef-prepared meals.

Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Simple reminders to assure your loved one is taking their medications on time.

Specialised Nursing

Specialised Nursing

We provide specialised, tailored nursing services.

Social Outings & Support

Social Outings & Support

Including transport to and from social events or appointments

Respite Care

Respite Care

We're there as respite if your carers have personal emergencies or obligations



We'll keep your clothes nice and clean



We'll help with mowing, weeding and other minor garden maintenance



Our helping hands help keep you mobile

24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care

You have our support day and night

Home Modifications

Home Modifications

We'll modify your home to suit your needs

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Participate in activities you find meaningful

Help with shopping and transport

Help with Shopping/Transport

We'll get you to places you need to go.

Allied health services

Allied Health Services

i.e Podiatrists, dietitians

Other Services


Ask us what services we provide, or let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what we can do to help

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