How to Transfer a Home Care Package

This article will explain what a Home Care Package is and how to transfer it if you are moving to a new location. You only need to follow these four simple steps to start receiving support from your new provider.

Haisey Home Care
October 3, 2022
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Put simply, the Home Care Package Program is a program led by the Australian Government that provides older people with the support they need to live full and independent lives while allowing them to stay at home. This support can include things such as help with household chores, completing minor home modifications, providing equipment to help with mobility, personal care tasks, and clinical care.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages, with level 1 providing primary care and level 4 providing much more intensive care. Home Care Packages are assigned to individuals, not providers, so if you ever need to or want to change providers, you can do so without issue.

How to transfer your Home Care Package

As mentioned above, your Home Care Package is assigned to you, not a specific provider. This means that if you want to change providers, you can do so and take your package with you.

Now, you may be wondering how to transfer a home care package to a new provider if you are looking to change your provider. Moving your home care package is not overly complicated and can be done using four simple steps.

1. Notify your current provider that you will be transferring to a new provider

The first step in transferring your Home Care Package is notifying your current provider that you are looking to transfer. This is so your provider can prepare to no longer be your provider. Essentially, by informing them, you are giving them the heads up that you will no longer receive services from them.

2. Find a new provider who offers the services you need

The next step is to find a new provider that you would like to provide your support services. Since your Home Care Package moves with you, you can find a provider that offers the same services that your previous provider outlined in your Home Care Package.

Finding the right new provider can take some looking, but many providers can offer the services you need to live a full and independent life in the comfort of your home.

3. Transfer your documents, such as your care plan and medical records, to the new provider

Once you have found a new provider, you need to transfer the necessary information to that provider, so they know what services you need. This means you will need to share your medical records and Home Care Plan so the new provider can learn how to best support you.

4. Set up a new schedule with the new provider

The final step in transferring your Home Care Plan to a new provider is setting up a new schedule with the new provider. All providers will work differently, and it is essential that you become familiar with how your new provider will work to ensure that you are both on the same page regarding your care.

This is also the time you will be able to ask questions about what types of services you may be receiving and any specifications you need in your care to feel comfortable and supported.


While the Australian Government is the entity that runs the Home Care Packages Program, the actual care is provided through other organizations that are authorized to do so. This means that there is no one organization you have to use to get the support you are eligible for via your care package.

If you want to transfer to a different provider for any reason, you can do so. Luckily, the process needed to transfer Home Care Package information from one provider to another is relatively straightforward and accessible for package holders. All you need to do is follow the four simple steps above, and you can begin getting support from a new provider of your choice.