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Home Care Packages Melbourne

If you are looking for information on Home Care packages in Melbourne, this page will tell you who is eligible, how much you may be eligible for, what the packages include and how you can apply.

  • ✔ Low 23% fee
  • ✔ A Dedicated Care Manager
  • ✔ $0 Hidden Fees
  • ✔ No Daily Charge & Exit Fees

Home Care Packages Melbourne

Home Care Packages are Australian government-funded programs providing long-term support for Australians above 65 years who want to continue living at home, or younger people with care needs not met through other specialist services (or beyond the support the Commonwealth Home Support Programme can offer).

  • Low 23% fee
  • A Dedicated Care Manager
  • $0 Hidden Fees
  • No Daily Charge & Exit Fees
  • Skilled and experienced carers who treat you as an individual
  • A truly personalised Home Care Service
  • Flexibility that keeps YOU stay in control of your Home Care Package funds

Have a look at our Pricing page to see how our fees help you stretch your package funds further…

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is determined by your care needs. You must be:

  • An older person who needs coordinated services to help them stay at home, or
  • A younger person with a disability, dementia or other care needs not met through other specialist services.

If you meet these criteria, the level of your needs will be assessed by Aged Care.

To apply for an assessment, use this online link to the Aged Care website or call 1800 200 422.

(Your financial situation won’t affect your eligibility, but a financial assessment will be carried out to establish if you need to contribute an income-tested care fee).

Packages available

After you have chosen your Home Care Package provider, the government pays your subsidy to them to manage on your behalf (unless you choose a self-managed package).

Of course, everyone’s care needs are different, and Aged Care has four different levels of Home Care Packages to cover these needs. These levels range from basic support needs, to more significant levels of assistance.

Together with your chosen care provider, you:

  1. work to identify your needs and goals
  2. agree on the best way to use your package funding to meet them, then
  3. your Home Care Package Providers are responsible for coordinating and managing these services on your behalf.

What they include:

Home Care Packages are designed to fund services that:

  • Are directly linked to your identified care needs and goals
  • Will improve your health and wellbeing
  • Are necessary to allow you to remain living safely and independently in your own home
  • Can be delivered within your Home Care Package budget
  • Are considered acceptable use of government funds

The Packages do not replace any other existing health programs on your Medicare Benefits Schedule. You should continue to use these through your physician and hospitals as and when you need them.

What Home Care Packages DO include:

  • Personal care
    If your motor skills or strength have deteriorated, you can get help with your personal care and hygiene, including bathing and personal grooming.
  • Nursing
    You can get help managing and monitoring any conditions you have, such as diabetes.
  • Allied health support
    including podiatry and physiotherapy.
  • Meals and food preparation
    If your restrictions have impacted your ability to feed yourself regularly and properly, the package helps out here.
  • Help with impairment
    Whether it's an impairment (like eyesight issues) or conditions (like incontinence), the packages proved support here if needed.
  • Cleaning, laundry and household tasks
  • Home and garden maintenance
  • Transport
    From keeping appointments to ensuring that your mobility issues don't affect your ability to enjoy life's more social pleasures, the package can help you here.

Home Care Packages ARE flexible; there may be other care and services not listed above that you may need and benefit from. Together with your provider, you will establish whether they are necessary and whether they can be delivered within your Home Care Package budget.

What Home Care Packages DON’T include:

A good rule of thumb is anything you would typically pay from your income yourself won't be included in the package's funding.

  • Groceries
  • Rent
  • Entertainment

What we can do for you.

We provide all the services you or your loved one might need to maintain independence at home.



We'll make sure there is always someone ready to assist with everyday details and friendly conversation

Personal Care

Personal Care

Personal Care Services (PCS) is a Medicaid benefit that helps clients with everyday tasks.

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

We'll keep your home and clothes clean.

Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Heat and eat gourmet meals delivered to your door. We'll organise healthy, chef-prepared meals.

Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Simple reminders to assure your loved one is taking their medications on time.

Specialised Nursing

Specialised Nursing

We provide specialised, tailored nursing services.

Social Outings & Support

Social Outings & Support

Including transport to and from social events or appointments

Respite Care

Respite Care

We're there as respite if your carers have personal emergencies or obligations



We'll keep your clothes nice and clean



We'll help with mowing, weeding and other minor garden maintenance



Our helping hands help keep you mobile

24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care

You have our support day and night

Home Modifications

Home Modifications

We'll modify your home to suit your needs

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Participate in activities you find meaningful

Help with shopping and transport

Help with Shopping/Transport

We'll get you to places you need to go.

Allied health services

Allied Health Services

i.e Podiatrists, dietitians

Other Services


Ask us what services we provide, or let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what we can do to help

Customer testimonials

This is the voice given by people, companies, and others where they give very good positive feedback for us, because we do their job very well and make them satisfied.

"My mother is very happy with the services provided by Haisey Home Care. She receives the right amount of support that enables her to live independently. Our family could not be happier with the services provided."


"The care my father receives is wonderful. His case manager is fantastic and very helpful. I only wish we had all this wonderful care before joining Haisey Home Care, but I appreciate all the care given to my dad. Haisey Home Care provides great service. Makes my life better as I don't worry as much."


"Our culture is respected. Haisey Home Care sourced a carer that speaks our language and overall, we receive great service."

Samira & Sami

"My carer is great. She goes above and beyond to care for me. Haisey Home Care is very professional and has a great understanding of my needs."


"Haisey Home Care has treated my mother with the utmost respect with our culture and finding the appropriate person to care for her making it easy for her to understand the carer as Rajha does not speak English.


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