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Providing Comfort and Support Through Dementia Home Care Packages

If you or your loved one are struggling with dementia, your life would be much easier with dementia Home Care Packages. Book a free, no-consultation obligation today.

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Living with Dementia Comes With Many Challenges 

Life with dementia is tough. Memories fade, and even simple things become hard to remember. Everyday tasks get complicated, and forgetfulness clouds everything. Life becomes a challenge. The past and present mix up, making it difficult to hold on to a clear sense of self. 

It's a hard reality for those dealing with dementia and their family members. Memory isn't the only challenge people with dementia face. They also struggle with confusion and difficulties in communication.

This is where dementia Home Care Packages come in. These tailored support programs are designed to address these specific needs. 

These packages include personalised care plans and help with daily activities. They can also include medication management, emotional support, and engagement in cognitive activities.

If you're looking for reliable dementia care, Haisey Home Care can help. Book a free, no-obligation consultation today. Let us help you so that living with dementia can become easier. 

Who we are

Tailored Home Care Packages for You

At Haisey Home Care, we understand that everyone's needs are unique. That's why we offer personalised care plans designed specifically for you.

Personalised Dementia Care

Our tailored care plans are designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges of living with dementia. Our experienced team offers support for a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Rediscover joy and connection with our dementia Home Care Packages. We provide the necessary support for our dementia patients. 

Peace of Mind for Families

Rest easy knowing your loved one is in capable hands. Our professional team eases the caregiving burden. We offer families peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care.

Customer testimonials

This is the voice given by people, companies, and others where they give very good positive feedback for us, because we do their job very well and make them satisfied.

"My mother is very happy with the services provided by Haisey Home Care. She receives the right amount of support that enables her to live independently. Our family could not be happier with the services provided."


"The care my father receives is wonderful. His case manager is fantastic and very helpful. I only wish we had all this wonderful care before joining Haisey Home Care, but I appreciate all the care given to my dad. Haisey Home Care provides great service. Makes my life better as I don't worry as much."


"Our culture is respected. Haisey Home Care sourced a carer that speaks our language and overall, we receive great service."

Samira & Sami

"My carer is great. She goes above and beyond to care for me. Haisey Home Care is very professional and has a great understanding of my needs."


"Haisey Home Care has treated my mother with the utmost respect with our culture and finding the appropriate person to care for her making it easy for her to understand the carer as Rajha does not speak English.


What we can do for you.

Our aim is to provide the very best care services that allow senior citizens to live full, independent, dignified lives in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

Expert Dementia Care Team

Haisey Home Care has a skilled team experienced in dementia care. Our experts provide compassionate support. We make sure your loved one receives the specialised attention they deserve.

Tailored Daily Routines

Our schedules are personalised for individuals with dementia. We recognise the importance of routine in maintaining stability and well-being.

Cognitive Stimulation Activities

You or your loved one can engage in activities designed for cognitive function. These mental exercises will enhance memory and promote a sense of accomplishment.

Safe and Comfortable Environment

We will make sure your living space is adapted to your dementia needs. This includes minimising hazards and creating a home environment that prioritises safety.

Family Involvement and Support

We encourage family participation in the care journey. We offer resources, guidance, and open communication. Our goal is to strengthen the support network for both the individual and their loved ones.

Regular Monitoring and Adjustments

We continuously monitor and adapt care plans based on your evolving needs. Our expert care team aims to make life easier for you as much as possible. 


Find answers to common questions about Home Care Packages, eligibility, and the application process.

How do your dementia home care packages differ from regular care?

Our packages cater specifically to the unique needs of individuals with dementia. We offer specialised routines and activities for cognitive well-being.

What training do your caregivers receive for dementia care?

Our caregivers undergo extensive training in dementia care. They are trained to provide compassion and support for those with memory-related challenges.

Can I customise the care plan based on my loved one's preferences?

Absolutely. We believe in tailoring care plans to individual preferences. This ensures a personalised approach that respects the unique qualities of each person.

How do you ensure the safety of individuals with dementia at home?

With environment assessments and safety protocols. We prioritise creating a secure home for those with dementia. We minimise risks by creating a comforting and hazard-free living space.

Is family involvement encouraged in the care process?

Certainly. We understand how important it is for family members to take part in the care journey. In the later stages of dementia, family involvement is crucial.

How do you handle behavioural changes in individuals with dementia?

Our caregivers are trained to understand and respond to behavioural shifts. We use strategies that prioritise dignity and respect. We foster a calm approach to these challenging moments.

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