The Complete Guide to Home Care Package Levels 1-4: Everything You Need to Know

So you've heard you may be entitled to a 'Home Care Package' but aren't sure exactly what it includes or how you go about getting it. This blog is here to clear all that up for you!

What is it?

What are Home Care Packages?

Home Care Packages are affordable care services subsidised by the Australian government to help older (or less able-bodied) citizens receive the help they need while still maintaining their independence.

They are designed for those with needs too complex for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, and your Home Care Package budget will depend upon your particular needs and your income-tested care fee (how much you can afford to pay yourself).

Transparent Pricing

What is included in the packages?

They include care and other specialist services tailored to your needs to help improve your health and well-being whilst allowing you to remain living safely and independently in your own home.

Your Home Care Package funds do not cover accommodation, food or other costs that would usually be expected to come from your regular income. (So you can't use them to buy tickets to the race track or a bottle of rum!)

How can I find out what I'm entitled to?

During a meeting with The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), your current needs will be assessed, and your particular Home Care Package level will be determined.

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What are the Home Care Package Levels?

There are four different levels of care in line with the complexity of your needs.

Home Care Package
Level 1
Up to
$9026.45 / year

For basic care needs (a little bit of help once or twice a week, with things like cleaning, grooming, shopping etc.)

Home Care Package
Level 2
Up to
$15877.5 / year

For low-level care needs (slightly more help is needed, and included, than in Level 1, and more often, i.e. 3/4 times a week)

Home Care Package
Level 3
Up to
$34550.9 / year

For intermediate care needs (for people who need even more personal care and more often)

Home Care Package
Level 4
Up to
$52377.5 / year

For high-level care needs (the most complex needs, who need specialist services and almost daily help)

We hope that has cleared it up for you

I hope that has cleared it up for you, but if you'd like any more information on what you can purchase with your Home Care Package fees, then check out our blog post on what you can use your Home Care Package funds for. Or have a look at the My Aged Care website.