About us

Senior woman dancing with her son

Serving with Compassion

Haisey Home Care is an approved provider that provides choices for older Australians living at home and by assisting them with their personal needs and supporting them to regain and retain their independence.

Our Mission, Happy Seniors

At Haisey Home Care, our paramount concern is the health and welfare of senior members of our community. Our aim is to provide the very best care services that allow them to live full, independent, dignified lives in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Whether it’s nursing care or basic home help, our seniors deserve the best.

Elderly couple sitting down enjoying coffee
Elderly couple cooking and enjoying wine

Our people

Our nursing, personal care and administration staff are dedicated, compassionate individuals who treat their roles not as ‘jobs’ but as a vocation. Their aim is to enrich the lives of the seniors that rely on them by helping them live safely, happily and independently in the comfort of their own homes.


They are highly qualified and well trained.


But what sets them apart from others is their natural gift for caring for others.


Haisey has a robust system of staff screening and interviewing that ensures we only employ those who love their roles – and take the view that the participant’s needs are paramount.


Our staff all commit to an ongoing education program designed to keep them up to date and continuing their skills and knowledge.


To achieve the best possible outcomes for our participants, we carefully match Haisey carers with participants to ensure compatible personalities, needs and skills.


That’s because our carers work as trusted partners with family caregivers to provide their loved ones a total in-home solution promoting independent living.