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The Complete Guide to Home Care Packages: Level 1

Find out everything that's included in a Level 1 Home Care Package in this guide.

Haisey Home Care
September 18, 2021
2 min read
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Home Care Packages are affordable care services, subsidised by the Australian government, to help older (or less able-bodied) citizens receive the help they need, while still maintaining their independence.

Designed for those with needs too complex for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, your home care package budget will depend upon your particular needs and your income tested care fee (how much you can afford to pay yourself).

They include care and other specialist services- tailored to your needs- to help improve your health and wellbeing, whilst allowing you to remain living, safely and independently, in your own home.

What does Home Care Package Level 1 include?

If the Aged Care Assessment Team decide your circumstances require basic care then you will be allocated Home Care Package Level 1.

The exact contribution from government subsidy for your home care package funds will depend on the results of your income assessment. The maximum government funding in level 1 is $9,000/year (including the basic daily fee you need to pay towards the care services yourself).

Types of support your home care package fees can pay for include:

  • personal care (such as grooming and dressing)
  • help cleaning and tidying around the house
  • meal preparation
  • help with shopping and transport

What they DON'T include are things you'd usually be expected to pay for yourself-so you can't use your home care package funding to pay for your lottery tickets or your weekend whiskey. Sorry!

In home care helps you to keep your independence despite any disability or mobility issues you may have. For more information, here is a link to the aged care website: